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WATCH: Beck, Sonic Youth’s Moore Cover Yanni!


After covering albums by the likes of Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen, and INXS, Beck’s Record Club project is tackling a release from a slightly different artist… Greek new age composer Yanni!?!?!

That’s right: Beck is rerecording all 14 tracks of Live At The Acropolis, Yanni’s 1994 live album and video release that has sold over seven million copies to date, and he’s tapped Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and Chicago post-rock outfit Tortoise to do it.

Thursday, Beck released the opening track of the album, “Santorini,” featuring Moore as well as several studio musicians.

Yanni’s epic seven-minute orchestral piece is transformed into a dark, spaced-out rocker complete with improvised lyrics from Moore, which Beck says, “give the track an added urgency and pathos”: “I’ve got a brand new pack of matches and I’m going to set fire to this crazy city! / Roasted pigs! Roasted pigs! / Oinkin’ oinkin’ oinkin’ to the night sky!”

Beck’s Record Club will drop a new track from Live At The Acropolis each week for the rest of the summer. Watch video of their performance of “Santorini” below, then tell us what you think in the comment section.

WATCH: Beck, Thurston Moore, Tortoise Cover “Santorini”