Phoenix, Margaret Cho on Vegas Daytime Fun!


Daytime is prime time to gallavant around Las Vegas and enjoy the myraid of activities the city has to offer.SPIN caught up with members of the Constellations, Phoenix, the Temper Trap, and the Postelles, as well as comedians Margaret Cho and Baron Vaughn to find out what daytime activity ranks higest on their radar.

Las Vegas is sunny ninety percent of the time, and since it is in the desert it can get hot!David Dargahi of the Postelles combats the heat by kicking it poolside at the Mirage.However, he explained to SPIN that he hopes to make it into the Wynn one day — “I’ve heard the Wynn pool is really happening, but I’m not cool enough to get in there yet.” Postelles frontman Daniel Balk casually smirked, replying “Yet?” when hearing his bandmate refer to his coolness quotient.

Parisians Laurent Brancowitz and Christian Mazzalai of the band Phoenix enjoy riding bikes around the streets of Paris.”The Vegas Paris — it’s cool, it looks exactly the same.” said Brancowitz.

As for Margaret Cho, eating is the only logical thing to do in Vegas during the day.”There’s all these crazy great restaurants” she dished to SPIN, “and they have the best steakhouses ever!”Elijah Jones of the Constellations enjoys the food as well, but he recommends the Bellagio buffet.He prefers the very interesting combination of “sushi, steak, and apple pie.”

Jones’ bandmate, Shabnam Bashiri, opts to risk losing her lunch on the thrilling Vegas roller coasters.”It’s really cool riding a roller coaster on a skyscraper” she told SPIN about her experience on the Strastosphere’s “Big Shot.”

The availability to cater to diverse interests is what makes Las Vegas so incredible, and the options to indulge every interest are endless.”Where else can you take a gondola ride and do a roller coaster?” Jones exuded about the awesome diversity, “I love, love Vegas.”

Watch the video below to see the other daytime activities that the artists enjoy, and let us know your favorite Vegas activity.

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