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FIRST LISTEN: Pixies’ Frank Black Produces Pete Yorn


Singer-songwriter Pete Yorn has worked with a wide range of collaborators, including R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck, actress Scarlett Johansson, and performer-producer Butch Walker (Pink, Avril Lavigne). His latest partner: Pixies frontman Frank Black. Yorn recruited the alt-rock pioneer to produce his self-titled new album, due September 28. Download the first leak, “Precious Stone,” in exchange for a retweet, here, or listen below!

The song is a back-to-basics pop rock track with enough gritty electric guitars, hummable melodies, and lovelorn lyrics to make Wallflowers-era Jakob Dylan blush. “I found a way to live forever / I found a place where no one cares / I see your eyes so blue / You talked to me with such sincerity / Oh, how I wanted you,” he sings, before letting loose a guitar solo that’s uncharacteristically rippin’, and then dropping into a ohhhhh, ahhhhhh, ahhhhhh sing-along. Catchy!

Yorn explains that he recorded the eleven “fucked up and raw” tracks for the new album at Black’s Salem, OR, studio. The stripped-down production is characteristic of Black’s countrified Nashville solo albums. “Frank has an incredible ability to distill a song down to its core,” Pete Yorn says.

“There’s something about it that’s really empowering. It’s a minimalist record for me, all of the instrumentation is distilled down to a more simple form…. It’s filled with imperfections, but I like that, it just seems more natural that way.”

“I tried to get the session into a fearless and raw place,” Black says of working with Yorn. “To his artistic credit Pete took his songwriting to a fearless and raw place. This listener will find his or herself sitting right next to Pete on the couch. And the record totally rocks out.”

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LISTEN: Pete Yorn, “Precious Stone”
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