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WATCH: Slayer’s Bloody New Video


Slayer just released a music video for the title track from their latest album, World Painted Blood, and it’s a bloody tale of tyranny at the hands of a nefarious ruler. Watch below.

The five-minute animated clip shows the evil-eyed leader directing a fleet of tanks to run citizens over, spilling their blood across the globe. He watches the destruction from an office, smiling gleefully with each casualty.

Among the chaos, an animated version of the quartet perform surrounded by blood-drenched clouds, and they don’t stop shredding until the Earth is covered in the stuff. “Like a disease spreading death / Erasing your existence / Man himself has become god and laughs at his destruction,” bassist-singer Tom Araya howls.

Now that’s metal.

Slayer kick off the North American leg of their summer tour on July 23 in Quebec. Before then, the band will tour Europe and play as part of the Big Four tour with Metallica, Megadeath, and Anthrax.

Watch the “World Painted Blood” video below, then tell us your thoughts in the comment section!