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WATCH: Eminem Confronts Demons in New Video


Eminem confronts and conquers his personal demons in the intensely metaphorical music video for “Not Afraid,” showing just how far down the road to Recovery the rehabbed ex-drug addict has come. Watch below!

The Rich Lee-directed clip finds the rapper roaming the streets of Newark, NJ, and his native Detroit, which soon transform into a hall of smoke and mirrors as Em’s demons consume him. He runs from reality and soon hits a dead end: a huge hole at the end of the earth. Hopeless, he jumps in, but instead launches into the sky, landing atop a skyscraper, signifying his ability to rise above his hurdles (a.k.a. drugs).

“I can’t keep living this way / So starting today / I’m breaking out this cage,” Em raps over an atmospheric synth, piano melody, and hard beats. “I’m standing up I’m gonna face my demons / I’m man enough to hold my ground / I’m putting my life back together right now.”

He’s an unlikely motivational speaker, but an effective one.

Watch the video below, then tell us what you think in the comment section.

WATCH: Eminem, “Not Afraid”: