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Owl City’s Adam Young Returns as Sky Sailing


Adam Young, the Minnesota-based mastermind behind chart-topping electro-pop project Owl City, is going back in time.

The 23-year-old musician is reviving his former moniker, Sky Sailing, to release an album — called An Airplane Carried Me to Bed — of pre-Owl City songs on June 13. Young explains: “These recordings are a step into the past, the documented account of a shy boy from Minnesota with more hopes and dreams than he knew what to do with.”

Young’s first order of business with his return to Sky Sailing was to post a MySpace page, complete with two tracks. The songs — called “Brielle” and “I Live Alone” — suggest the poignant sound of Owl City, yet focus more on acoustic guitar and piano than synth and ambient blips and bleeps.

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