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WATCH: Rihanna Rocks ‘American Idol’


This season’s cast of American Idol was given a crash course in performance Wednesday night when superstar Rihanna showed up to debut her new single, “Rockstar 101.”

The 21-year-old diva donned a catsuit and sauntered around the eye-popping set, which featured skulls, lightning bolts, and elaborate pyrotechnics. The song showed off Rihanna’s sexy swagger — even if she had to edit out some of its racier lyrics. Bonus: She picked up a black Flying V guitar toward the end of the performance… and almost played it.

If those three minutes weren’t enough, tickets for Rihanna’s “Last Girl on Earth” summer tour go on sale Friday April 9. And, as previously reported, America’s favorite Barbadian will be joined by Ke$ha on all 25 dates.

And who knows — maybe Rihanna will show off even more of her instrumental talents during the tour. Aside from the guitar, she’s also been learning to play the drums with help from Blink-182’s Travis Barker.

WATCH: Rihanna, “Rockstar 101”