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T.I.’s Guest Lecture, Metallica’s Restaurant Robbery


Convicted gun aficionado T.I. sparks controversy by speaking at a middle school assembly. “Yo, Teach, will you hold this 9 milli while I talk?” [World Star Hip/Hop]

Ex-Clash manager Bernard Rhodes honors the late Malcolm McLaren by shouting “He was no saint!” at his funeral. The clouds parted and McLaren said, “I’m flattered.” [The Observer]

Atlantic Records asks for donations to release rapper Natty‘s new EP. “We spent our last $20 on ‘Fuck Free Downloads’ coffee mugs for the office,” said a label rep. [Hypebot]

Ben Lee contributes a song the World Wildlife Fund, which strives to teach about the human race’s devastating impact on earth. Lee added, “Have you seen my Hummer? It’s sick!” [Vimeo]

MGMT frontman Andrew VanWyngarden’s father calls his son’s new record, Congratulations, “a grower.” He added, “And stop giving Andrew wet willies in math class.” [Memphis Flyer]

Post-punk vet Adam Ant wants to fight ex-Oasis singer Liam Gallagher. Who would win? Gallagher’s ego… it’s so big! [The Quietus]

Ludacris is hosting a new contest seeking rap songs with lyrics about Magnum Condoms. “They’re not just for sex — I wear mine every time I leave the house,” he rhymed. [The New York Times]

Metallica‘s James Hetfield is robbed by a Moscow waiter, who charged him double for his steak. “I thought this was Russia, not NAPSTER!” said the rocker. [Prime Time Russia]