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Coachella Bands vs. the Volcano!


A volcanic eruption in Iceland has left British bands the Cribs,Bad Lieutenant, and Frightened Rabbit struggling to reach this weekend’s Coachella festival in California. An ash cloud drifting across the Atlantic Ocean and into Europe has currently grounded all flights to and from the U.K.

British indie punks the Cribs (whose current lineup includes ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr) have cancelled their appearance on tomorrow’s Coachella bill.

According to ContactMusic, the Cribs are hoping the festival organizers will let them reschedule their slot for another day — and are so eager to play that they’re considering taking a ferry to Amsterdam in hopes of catching a flight from there.

The band had already boarded their plane at London’s Heathrow Airport when they were told the flight was cancelled due to safety concerns.

“I’d decided which films I was going to see, chosen my meal and was just falling asleep then I got told we had to get off the plane,” bassist and singer Gary Jarman told BBC Newsbeat. He also added that the atmosphere at the airport was “angry,” and the people “were a little stressed.”

“It’s a force of nature, you can’t really argue with that,” Jarman continued. “I know there are a lot of British bands playing. I kind of hope a few other bands are having problems so we can steal their set time — I know that sounds selfish.”

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Scottish rockers Frightened Rabbit also tweeted, “Baddy baddy bumdrops: our flight to Coachella is supposed to leave tomorrow & there’s plane-thwarting volcanic ash all over the place.”

A spokesperson for Bad Lieutenant, the new project by New Order/Joy Division man Bernard Sumner, tells SPIN the band hopes to catch a rescheduled flight in time for their four U.S. tour dates, beginning tomorrow in San Francisco and including a Coachella performance on Saturday (April 17).

Other British acts appearing at Coachella such as Florence & the Machine, Muse, Gorillaz, and Little Boots are already in the U.S. and haven’t been affected by the flight cancellations.

Coachella isn’t the only festival being impacted. SPIN-favorites Los Campesinos! are canceling their appearance tomorrow at the Culture Shock Festival in Purchase, New York. “Really, really disappointed and I hope we can make it up to the promoters and attendees sometime, but this is totally out of our hands,” Gareth Campesinos posted via Twitter.