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Top Twitter News of the Week


Lots of people tweet — but all that Twitters is not gold.

That’s why you’ll want to check out to see whose tweets we’re reading this week — then update your TweetDeck! (Obligatory Self-Promotion: …while you’re at it, be sure to follow @SPINmagazine!)

This week, we’ve got news on collaborations, feuds, and videos! Check it out:

  • 1. Amy Winehouse and Questlove: Making Music Together?

    In a video posted to his Twitter Tuesday, affable Roots drummer Questlove announced the stellar lineup for this summer’s third annual Roots Picnic, which will include performances by Vampire Weekend, Nneka, The Very Best, Clipse, and… Amy Winehouse?

    Quest said in the video that he and DJ Jazzy Jeff are working on a side project, which they’ll debut at the Picnic with a couple of “very special guests.” Meanwhile, Amy Winehouse tweeted “me an quest, sittin in a tree, makin a s-up-er g r o u p,” which Questlove then re-tweeted.

    At the very least, it appears that the duo are collaborating on something — and even if Winehouse doesn’t show up at the Roots Picnic this year, there are other surprises in the works. Last year, the Roots performed with hip-hop legends Public Enemy, and in his video, Questlove promised a similar reunion, then donned a black fedora and gold chain necklace and grinned at the camera.

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  • 2. Courtney Love and Lily Allen Duke it Out

    It all started out when Lovel accused Allen of putting several designer dresses on hold for last month’s Brit Awards, which prevented Love from wearing any of them. She ranted about it on her Twitter, then tried to approach Allen at the NME Awards — at which point the two “exchanged words,” as Allen put it. She took to her Twitter afterward, calling Love a “crazy old lady” and a “paranoid drug-addled lunatic.” To add insult to injury, she also posted this not-so-flattering picture.

    Love didn’t take too kindly to that. She launched a Twitter tirade against Allen, enlisting her followers to tweet the nastiest things they could about the pop starlet and re-tweeting them for the world to see. She also accused Allen of being the drug addict, writing, “‘Lily, I’m not the one on gak every night dear, you are. the night you home invaded me, did all the blow I’ve ever seen in my home, wouldn’t leave and blamed ME for your shit show?” She also called Allen out on the picture she posted: “am i model? excuse me did i join up for a beauty pageant? you know besides her ‘im so relevant’ delusion she thinks music is about beauty, sad.”

    Interestingly, Love and longtime Twitter nemesis @PerezHilton seem to have bonded over their mutual hatred of Allen — the two now exchange tweets with “x”s and “o”s!

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  • 3. Lady Gaga Offers a Sneak Peak at Her New Music Video

    If you liked “Bad Romance,” chances are you’re going to love “Telephone.” As she wrote on her Twitter, “Telephone is coming I promise! Still editing. I want it to be perfect. The Haus has dubbed her a ‘masterpiece.'” Then she posted this screenshot from the video, which shows the pop phenomenon wrapped in caution tape. Keep an eye on her Twitter this week — she just might tweet the video before it officially premieres!

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