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SPIN.COM EXCLUSIVE: Kate Nash’s First Single


Chart-topping Brit singer Kate Nash will return with a new sound on her yet-to-be-titled second album, due stateside on April 20. And nowhere is that transformation more evident than on the album’s lead single, “Do Wah Doo.” has an exclusive stream of the catchy, girl-group-inspired track:

LISTEN: Kate Nash, “Do Wah Do”

Produced by ex-Suede guitarist Bernard Butler, “Do Wah Doo” builds a wall of sound with blasting horns and Grease-esque bum-de-dum backing vocals. But lyrically, the 22-year-old singer’s grit and bite remains intact.

“Everybody thinks that girl’s so fine / Everyone thinks she’s so all right / But I think she’s not so nice / Everyone thinks that girl’s a lady / I don’t — I think that girl’s shady.”

“The song’s about one of my best friends from when I was younger,” Nash tells “He totally betrayed me by hanging out with these enemies of mine — these perfect girls, who wore lip-gloss and talked about boys and were really annoying. He and I had grown up climbing trees, playing in the woods, and going on holiday together, so I thought he’d be cooler than that. But when he turned 15 years old he wanted a girlfriend. I was like, ‘Well fine, I’ll just pretend I don’t give a shit even though I’ll never ever forgive you, even when I’m 22 years old and writing a song about it.'”

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Tracklist for Kate Nash’s new album:
1. “Paris”
2. “Kiss That Grrrl”
3. “Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt”
4. “I Just Love You More”
5. “Do Wah Doo”
6. “Higher Plain”
7. “I’ve Got A Secret”
8. “Mansion Song”9. Early Christmas Present”
10. “Later On”
11. “Pickpocket”
12. “You Were So Far Away”
13. “I Hate Seagulls”
Hidden Track: “My Best Friend Is You”