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Lady Gaga’s Condoms, John Lennon’s Jewelry


Listen to 10 songs about the winter Olympic sport of curling. Surprisingly, they are not all by Canadian bands. [Chart Attack]

Madonna is planning to direct a new biopic about King Edward VIII, the reckless womanizer who married an American divorcee. Take that, Guy Ritchie. [EW]

Since hardcore metal isn’t tough enough, Neurosis vocalist Scott Kelly discusses his love of fist-fighting. [Quietus]

Lady Gaga is designing a new line of condoms, bringing whole new meaning to the nickname she gave her fans: “Little Monsters.” [MTV]

The rights-holders of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar won’t let raunchy electro-rapper Peaches perform a solo version of the rock opera. Possible because of her “penis envy.” [Guardian]

QVC is selling John Lennon “Imagine” rings for four easy payments of $29.95. Hey, remember those “Kill Your TV” shirts? [YouTube]

Brooklyn is getting a Michael Jackson-themed subway stop. Because nothing says “commute” like a diamond-encrusted glove. [New York Post]