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Exclusive: Cool Punk Band Mean Jeans Debut Video

Like the Exploding Hearts? This Portland, OR, band embody their sound and spirit in debaucherous clip.

Northwest power-pop punks the Exploding Hearts may be gone, but they’re certainly not forgotten. Up-and-coming Portland, OR, band Mean Jeans, who share a label and hometown with the late Hearts, also embody their spirit and sound. Just check out the video for “Steve Don’t Party No More,” off Mean Jeans’ 2009 debut Are You Serious, below.

While “Steve” may have quit partying, Mean Jeans have not. In the clip — exclusive to — the guitar, drum, and bass trio throw a wild house party, slamming beers, scarfing pizza, and jumping around in a pool with bikini-clad babes, while their familiar brand of Ramones-esque punk plays along. The band breaks for a workout at the gym, though, which includes doing pushups and smoking cigarettes simultaneously! Healthy!

Watch Mean Jeans’ video for “Steve Don’t Party No More,” then tell us what you think in the comment section below.

WATCH: Mean Jeans, “Steve Don’t Party No More”