Wayne Coyne’s Bubble Bath, Madonna’s Baby Jesus


Here are some of the weirdest stories we found on the web this week:

–Like Wayne Coyne‘s naked scene in the Flaming Lips‘ new music video? If so, join the singer in the bathtub … in his front yard! [Spinner]

–With over 1000 mirrors, this disco ball is officially the world’s largest. Apparently French people really, really like cocaine. [Like Cool]

–Most All Time Low fans don’t have the bail money to stalk frontman Alexander William Gaskarth to his house and photograph his dogs. Behold the power of Twitter. [Oh No They Didn’t]

–Incest alert: Madonna wants to have Jesus’ baby. [D Listed]

–What’s the difference between Megadeth and the Lifetime Network? Well, it turns out, very, very little. [Mental Floss]

Spice Girls are working on a “new project” connected to the upcoming World Cup ceremonies. In related news, David Beckham supports assisted suicide. [Oh No They Didn’t]

Nas, Ghetto Boys, Tupac, and more make this list of hip-hop’s most controversial album covers. Our pick: Master P‘s Ghetto D. [Street Level]


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