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Lady Gaga Meets the Queen of England!


It was a gathering of the royals Monday night in Blackpool, England, where pop queen Lady Gaga performed for — and later met — the Queen of England.

How did the music star honor Her Majesty? By channeling medieval ruler Elizabeth I, a.k.a. the Virgin Queen, with a fire-red latex gown with a ruffled collar and a 20-foot-long train, and performing from a piano with 10-feet-long legs, resembling Salvador Dali’s “The Temptation of St. Anthony” painting!

The 83-year-old monarch probably hasn’t seen anything this wild since the Sex Pistols held a press conference at Buckingham Palace in 1977.

“Good evening Blackpool. Let me hear you rattle your jewelry,” the 23-year-old Gaga said before performing “Speechless” at the Royal Variety Show.

Appearing on a bill featuring tame singers like Michael Buble and Miley Cyrus, Gaga stood out by simply showing up. But she was hoping to push the limits even further and perform her blood-drenched suicide scene — but ultimately respected the wishes of the royal family and scaled back her controversial stagecraft.

“I have had to tone down my act generally,” she told The Mirror. “But all of that doesn’t matter because I’m a massive fan of the Queen. When I first came up with what I was doing, I said, ‘Oh my fucking God, I hope she likes it!'”

No word yet from the Queen, but the pop star was certainly stoked to be in the presence of true royals: “I was so excited and have even been practicing my curtsy!”

WATCH: Gaga meets the Queen