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DOWNLOAD: Roots Release ‘Late Night’ Jams


Do you ever find yourself diggin’ those short bits of music the Roots play as the cameras pan across Late Night‘s Studio 6B to zero in on host Jimmy Fallon’s mug? We do. And in honor of penning 1,000 of ’em, the Philly band just released 22 of these tracks for free — sweet!!

All the Way Live has packaged all 22 into a handy new EP, which you can download right here!

According to drummer ?uestlove’s Twitter, the songs are called “sandwich” tracks, which is “what the Roots crew cook up to feed your soul.” Dig.

The “sandwiches” — which range from 22-second spoofs (“Werewolf Barmitzvah”) to four-minute-plus instrumentals (“Someone is Late to a Dentist Appointment”) — may offer a little insight into what the boys are serving up on their February release, How I Got Over. But most of all, it shows of their crack musicianship… and humor — just check out the complete tracklist below. Our favorite title (and song): “Caveman for Dennis Quaid,” a tropical-flavored groove with xylophone!

1. “Once In A Lifetime”
2. “Sizuuuuuuuurpin”
3. “Head Slicer”
4. “Spain (ft. Chick Corea)”
5. “The Juice of Chicago”
6. “Baatin”
7. “Woman”
8. “Choir Fire”
9. “Teen Town”
10. “Can’t Keep Headphones on Head”
11. “Red Toe Nail Bashing”
12. “Blinded By The Light (No Douche Here)”
13. “Caveman for Dennis Quaid”
14. “Wan Cook Soup”
15. “Someone Is Late To Dentist Appointment”
16. “I Get Lifted”
17. “Werewolf Barmitzvah”
18. “Like This Anna Torv”
19. “Breezin (ft. George Benson)”
20. “EvenzarahlikesTHISone”
21. “The Suits”
22. “Usher In That Choir”