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Beatles Marathon Brings Ukulele Lovers to Brooklyn


This past Sunday (December 6), over 1,200 ukulele enthusiasts gathered atBrooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for the second annual “Beatles:Complete on Ukulele” concert.

Organized by Roger Greenawalt, a New York-based producer who runs TheBeatles Complete on Ukelele podcast, the event aimed to unite passionateukelele aficionados from near and far to play the entire Beatles catalog ina single day.

Greenawalt kicked off the concert at noon, playing not only to ukuleleaficionados, but to an array of Yoko Ono impersonators, as well. With over100 ukulele players in attendance, highlights of the day included the WolffBrothers (formerly the Naked Brothers), Spirit Family Reunion, and FrankSimms. Adam Green and the Morning Pages and Guster’s Ryan Miller wooed thecrowd through their uke-fueled renditions of classic Beatles jams.