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Amanda Palmer Shoots Tegan & Sara Video


Amanda Palmer and Tegan and Sara really heart each other — and an email we received this morning directly from the ex-Dresden Dolls singer/pianist offers new evidence.

Palmer’s made her very own music video for Tegan and Sara’s current single, “Hell,” off the currently-featured-in-SPIN twin sisters’ excellent new album, Sainthood. Watch it below!

In the clip — directed by Michael Pope — Palmer dons headphones to listen to “Hell” on her iPod, heads out of her apartment (but not before taping a photo of T&S to her front door, with a red heart drawn around Sara’s face), and lip-syncs the tune as she gallops through New York City’s Union Square, engaging passers by with intense stares, ballet-style dance moves, and the song’s very direct chorus: “I know you feel it too / These words get overused.”

This isn’t the first “love letter” we’ve seen Palmer shoot towards the Quin sisters. In June, Palmer covered the duo’s somber “Dark Come Soon,” off 2007’s The Con at an installment of SPIN’s Liner Notes series, where musicians and authors take the stage together. She told the audience that it was a little ode to Tegan, who performed with Augusten Burroughs at our inaugural Liner Notes event. Watch that video below, too!

In February, Palmer also covered The Con‘s “Like O, Like H” onstage in London.

Tegan, meanwhile, contributed a photo to Palmer’s 2009 book, Who Killed Amanda Palmer.

When we asked Palmer to give us a little more insight into the clip, she responded simply: “Images speak louder than words,” and told us that Sara had seen the video and “was grinning the whole time.”

We’re not sure we get the joke — and perhaps we’re just unwitting cogs in the world domination plans of these three media-savvy women — but the video is a fun watch all by itself. Check it out:

WATCH: Amanda Palmer, “Hell”