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WATCH: Marilyn Manson’s Bloody New Video


“Shock rocker” is becoming an inadequate term for Marilyn Manson, whose romantic roller coaster of divorce (Dita Von Teese) and young girlfriends (Evan Rachel Wood) took center stage on his latest album, the SPIN-praised The High End of Low. We have a more fitting title: “Totally-Sick-And-Twisted Rock.”

In the Blair Witch-esque video for emotional ballad “Running to the Edge of the World,” the man born Brian Warner cries behind a white veil, dresses up in a suit in a fancy hotel suite, then beats a young girl who is locked in a bathroom in only her underwear (and who resembles Wood). It’s total blood bath, and in the final scene, the young and bruised girl rubs the blood all over her naked chest. Whoa.

A strong stomach is needed for this one.

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