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New Music From Hot Hot Heat


Steve Bays of Vancouver indie-dance act Hot Hot Heat is sorry and wants to make it up to you. “I would like to offer our most sincere apologies for taking so long to finish our most recent recording,” he recently wrote on the band’s website.

So to thank fans for their patience in awaiting arrival of the upcoming Future Breeds, Bays and the boys have posted two new tracks for download: The tense title track and zany, noisy “JFK’s LSD.”

Neither track will sound like a shock to anyone familiar with the band’s aggressively exuberant funk-punk, but there’s a wirier, terser vibe to the music that suits the brittle guitars and skittering cymbals better than the high gloss sonics of 2007’s Elevator. Give a listen and tell us what you think.

LISTEN: Hot Hot Heat, “Future Breeds”(DOWNLOAD MP3)