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EXCLUSIVE: Disco Biscuits Live!


Even if trance-fusion jam bands aren’t exactly your thing, there’s no denying the mind-blowing live show of Philadelphia’s Disco Biscuits.

In this exclusive live video, the quartet perform “Uber Glue” — off their upcoming release The Planet Anthem EP, out Feb. 2 — at Denver’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre last May, as tribal dancers and ninjas in neon-lit suits set a psychedelic mood. And be sure to catch the last 20 seconds for a glimpse of a glowing, neon robe-clad chieftain. The psychedelic characters are Biscuit staples, creating a genuine Cirque du Soleil feel at live shows.

Watch the video of “Uber Glue” below, then tell us what you think of the group’s sound and live show in the comment section.