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Review: DJ /rupture & Matt Shadetek, ‘Solar Life Raft’

SPIN Rating: 7 of 10
Release Date: November 02, 2009
Label: The Agriculture

In 2001, Jace “DJ /rupture” Clayton released the cacophonous mash-up mix tape Gold Teeth Thief, juxtaposing Missy Elliott and Paul Simon with Arabic and raga jams to head-swimming effect. Here, he and fellow producer Shadetek siphon from U.K. dubstep (Stagga, Mizz Beats), French musique concrète, even Obama inauguration poet Elizabeth Alexander, but the duo always return to the manic underground soundscapes of their hometown borough. Dropping remixes of Gang Gang Dance and Telepathe into the din, the music practically screams, “We live in Brooklyn, baby!”