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Cloning Elvis, Dating Courtney


Courtney Love bids $120,000 in an auction to win a date with former president Bill Clinton. Sadly, she loses… to Condoleezza Rice. [NYMag]

KISS want to rock with you in the afterlife, and Electric Six want to help with your next orgasm — as evidenced in the list of Most Ridiculous Band Merch Ever. [Mog]

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin attends a rap battle, says break dancing and hip-hop music promote a drug-free, healthy lifestyle. Um, what? [Best Week Ever]

Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” only became popular because it was long enough for DJs to take cigarette breaks. Wayne and Garth disagree. [Spinner]

A fan buys a strand of Elvis Presley’s hair for 1,055 ($1761.64), and now awaits the advancement of cloning technology. [BBC]

Ever wonder why John Mayer is such an awesome dancer? He explains: “If you are a man in life and you haven’t gone to a gay bar, you haven’t really danced.” [YouTube]

Canadian metal lifers Anvil‘s comeback just got weirder: they will appear in a Michel Gondry film, starring Seth Rogen. [Metal Sucks]