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Beyonce + Lady Gaga = WhaWha??


Lady Gaga does her best Beyonce impression in the extended remix for “Video Phone,” appearing on the deluxe edition of I Am…Sasha Fierce (out 11/23 via Sony). Check out the video below!

Gaga drops a few verses on the track, donning a white, hip-length dress and firing off handguns before joining Beyonce for a synchronized, Chicago-inspired chair dance. Through nine (!) costume changes, Beyonce goes from Resevoir Dogs gangster to Wonder Woman and gypsy street punk.

Even with Gaga involved, the Hype Williams-produced video doesn’t veer too much into the weird; it’s certainly not Gaga-setting-men-on-fire weird.

That’s because Gaga wanted to seamlessly blend in with Beyonce’s sexy, cool style. “‘I don’t want to show up in some frickin’ hair bow and be fashion Gaga in your video,’ I said [to Beyonce],” Gaga told MTV. “‘I want to do you.'”

Do stars align in this collaboration? Let us know in the comment section below!

WATCH: Beyonce feat. Lady Gaga, “Video Phone (Extended Remix)”