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WATCH: Scott Weiland’s Romantic New Video


Scott Weiland has landed the lead role in a new romantic comedy video — and its soundtrack kicks ass!

For the music video for the sometime Stone Temple Pilot’s solo song “Tangle With Your Mind,” the 41-year-old rocker acts in an uber cute tale of boy-meets-girl. Check out the video below.

A dapper Weiland strolls onto the scene, flicking a cigarette seconds before colliding with his polka-dot-dress-clad dream girl, who is riding on a vintage bicycle. Her basket of multi-colored construction paper flies, and the two spend the next three minutes staring at the stars and sharing strands of spaghetti like Lady and the Tramp. Awww…

“Trying hard not to let you go, oh so cold, cause you never let it go,” Weiland sings on the chorus of the upbeat track, which appeared on his SPIN-approved 2008 solo effort “Happy” in Galoshes. “Tangle” is the album’s second single.

In a recent interview with Spinner, Weiland said the video was inspired by 2006’s equally lighthearted and romantic film The Science of Sleep. Weiland reached out to film students for the project, and ultimately recruited relative newbie filmmaker Dennis Roberts based on his original treatment. “I was really impressed,” Weiland said. “I’ve worked with huge video directors and [Roberts] and his crew were just as professional as anyone I’ve ever worked with.” Well, turns out Roberts had previously directed clips for Beck and Simian — score!

Is the adorable new clip a good direction for Weiland, or is he just having a midlife crisis? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Watch: Scott Weiland “Tangle With Your Mind” Music Video