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WATCH: Pearl Jam Joined by Chris Cornell, Jerry Cantrell!


It was a grunge rock class reunion Tuesday night in Los Angeles!

During the third night of Pearl Jam’s sold-out stand at the Gibson Amphitheater, former Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell strolled onstage for a rendition of “Hunger Strike,” the 1991 hit from Temple of the Dog, the band fronted by Cornell and featuring the entire PJ crew. Later, Alice in Chains axeman Jerry Cantrell stepped up to rip the solo on “Alive.” Whew. The only thing missing was a Citizen Dick reunion.

Watch video of both Seattle-rific collabos below.

“I think sometimes the presence of one man can really change the energy of a show,” Vedder said, introducing Cornell to the audience. He was right. As the video proves, the crowd went wild and PJ and Cornell delivered with passion, soul, and precision like a year hasn’t passed since the tune dropped. Oh, and Cornell reeeaaaalllllly hit those high notes.

The same precision and ferocity applied to Cantrell. Touring with the reunited Alice in Chains, the guy’s chops are tight, and on “Alive” he killed it.

Zack Newman, the roaming PJ fanatic for SPIN’s sister site SPINEarth, is following the Seattle band on tour and was head banging along at the show Tuesday night. “Wow. The last time they played ‘Hunger Strike’ with Cornell was in Santa Barbara in 2003,” said Newman. “The whole pace lost it. And Cantrell… whew. He just jumped out in the middle of the solo. Mike [McCready] ran offstage and basically traded place with Cantrell. I can’t imagine how it gets better than that. Some of the biggest names in a whole era of music came onstage!”

It is a great time for fans of ’90s-era grunge and alt-rock: Pearl Jam’s latest album, Backspacer, hit the top of the charts with its energized sound, and landed the boys on the cover of SPIN; Alice in Chains are back and playing live; and Cornell, well — there might just be a Soundgarden reunion in the works: The entire band attended the show Tuesday night, marking their first time hanging out together in 13 years! Let’s hope Cornell’s ready — the rest of the guys are!

WATCH: Pearl Jam, “Hunger Strike” with Chris Cornell with Jerry Cantrell