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WATCH: Nine Inch Nails Final Show in London


Last July, Nine Inch Nails said goodbye to its English fans with a show at London’s O2 Arena. Joining Trent Reznor onstage was British synth-pop pioneer Gary Numan for performances of the latter’s “Metal” and “Cars.”

Now, in two new HD videos posted to, you can see the songs for yourself. “Cars” is the stronger of the two performances, as Numan drapes himself over the mike, while a sweat-covered Reznor doubles on tambourine and keyboard, handling the song’s eerie instrumental hooks.

But even more than the music, the draw here is the quality of the video. You can see the individual beads of sweat dripping down Reznor’s nice. It’s pretty cool. Check it out.

Plus: See exclusive photos of NIN’s NYC show.

WATCH: Nine Inch Nails with Gary Numan, “Cars”