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WATCH: Flaming Lips Perform On ‘Tonight Show’


If the human bubbles, Christmas vacations on Mars, and vagina video treatments weren’t odd enough, this new clip of the Flaming Lips performing “Watching the Planets” on The Tonight Show Tuesday proves the case: These Oklahoma natives are some totally freaky dudes!

The nearly-five-minute song, from the Lips’ latest release, Embryonic, features a frenetic romp of pulsating bass, screeching guitar, and looping keyboard effects that’s downright bonkers even by Lips standards. Wayne Coyne calls it: “Joy Division-meets-Miles Davis Group.”

Coyne leads the charge, flopping on the floor, chanting, and thrusting his hand forward with Post-It notes attached to his palms that read “Yes” and “Oh Oh Oh!!!!!!” Meanwhile, a sideman slams a gigantic gong without pause. Whew, these guys’ whole we’re-from-another-planet, UFO shtick is becoming more and more realistic with each new song.

Is “Watching the Planets” totally out of this world? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

WATCH: The Flaming Lips, “Watching the Planets” on the Tonight Show