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Various Artists, ‘Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy’ (Shout! Factory)

This deeply satisfying 21-song tribute was devised to help recently widowed singer-songwriter Mark Mulcahy (ex–Miracle Legion, Polaris) raise his young twin daughters and get on with life. (Grab a hankie before reading the liner notes.) Some artists — a creepy Thom Yorke murmuring “All for the Best,” a lunatic Frank Black bellowing “Bill Jocko” — twist the material. Others — Juliana Hatfield getting sultry on “We’re Not in Charleston Anymore,” Elvis Perkins crooning “She Watches Over Me” — follow Mulcahy’s folkrock template. For extra credit, download another 20 tracks from the likes of A.C. Newman and Buffalo Tom.