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Terrific Twitter Trio of the Week

Tegan and Sara, Dylan Lyrics, and Hot Chip make our list.

Lots of musicians tweet — but all that Twitters is not gold.

That’s why you’ll want to check out every Friday to see whose tweets we’re reading this week — then update your TweetDeck! (Obligatory Self-Promotion: …while you’re at it, be sure to follow @SPINmagazine!)

This week’s winners:

Who: Tegan and Sara (@teganandsara)

Why You Should Follow: When this indie-pop sister act released their latest album, Sainthood, on Tuesday, “#sainthood” became an instant Trending Topic — much to surprise and delight of Tegan and Sara, who wrote “wtf. hilarious. #sainthood forever!” The pair had been on a bit of a Twitter hiatus since the end of the summer, posting less frequently than usual and mostly tweeting news updates and links to their Web site. But now that Sainthood is out, they’ve returned in full force. They posted Twitpics from their record release party at Stories Books & Café in Los Angeles (like this one of the seven copies of Sainthood their mother bought), gave a big shout-out to fans who came out to support them at their show at L.A.’s Orpheum Theatre on Monday, and tweeted about getting stuck in a wind storm (yikes!). Expect even more from these two as they get ready to embark on a tour of North America in January.

Best Tweet of the Week:”Had a dream this morning that Sara and I were cleaning this giant mansion…for hours. That was the dream. HOURS. Why? So boring. Ha.”

Who: Dylan Lyrics (@DylanLyrics)

Why You Should Follow: Bob Dylan doesn’t have a Twitter of his own (okay, he sort of does, but he never updates it himself), so this is the next best thing. Every day, the page is updated with some of Dylan’s best lyrics from classic songs like “Sad-Eyed Lady of Lowlands,” “The Times They Are A-Changin’,” and “Just Like a Woman,” as well as newer songs from Modern Times. It’s “140 characters for all moods,” as the Bio says. But following won’t just get you inspired — it could get you free goodies, too! Dylan Lyrics occasionally holds contests like this one: “Win the new ‘Xmas In The Heart’ CD, tweet your favorite lyric @dylanlyrics and the 1st to pick my favorite tune in the next 24 hours wins.”

Best Tweet of the Week: “In the empty lot where the ladies play blindmans bluff with the keychain.& the all-night girls they whisper of escapades out on the D train.”

Who: Hot Chip (@Hot_Chip)

Why You Should Follow: Though they use the Hot Chip name, this Twitter page is really the domain of members Felix Martin and Al Doyle, who muse about mustaches, meth addicts, and people who eat Doritos in public in their frequent, hilarious tweets. They post links to interesting articles about climate change and society’s addiction to junk food (as well as random YouTube videos), debate issues like illegal downloading, and document their DJ gigs in Florence, pub nights in London, and concerts in Ibiza. Expect discussions of Oasis cover band Psorioasis, the idea of Larry David as a role model, and the fact that “everyone’s going pop” these days, along with many, many other fascinating (if irrelevant) topics. Bonus points: They actually had the guts to remove the ever-annoying @iamdiddy from their “Following” list! As Doyle put it, “Feel sad. But he does go on a bit, especially when he’s saturated with ciroc. He’ll be alright…”

Best Tweet of the Week: “anyone know what the noise is when the plane has landed that sounds like urgent giant robot sex? Everyone always looks a bit embarrassed.”