Saigon, ‘Warning Shots 2’ (Amalgam Digital)

In 2005, Saigon was the most buzzed-about rapper since 50 Cent. But despite a supporting role on Entourage and a Just Blaze co-sign, his proper debut album, The Greatest Story Never Told, remains shelved. Saigon waves the white flag on Warning Shots 2. “For Some Pussy” is a brain-dead call-and-response, while “Cookies and Milk” retreads “Lollipop.” It’s all beneath this talented MC, who on his best days combines Nas’ ghetto imagery with KRS-One’s tough-love teachings. At least he knows it. On “Be on Time,” Warning Shots 2‘s umpteenth strip-club reach, he says, “Nah, stop that. Fuck that. We don’t want to hear that.”


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