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Nirvana, ‘Live at Reading’ (Universal)

Nirvana’s headlining gig at the 1992 Reading Festival looms infamously large because of (a) that amazingly creepy photo of Kurt getting wheeled onto the stage looking like Norman Bates’ mother, and (b) the show was a mind-blower — sloppy indie rock as stadium-filling psychedelic punk. Most of Nevermind and a fair portion of Bleach are here, as are fetal versions of “All Apologies” and “Dumb,” and a cover of über-influences the Wipers’ “D-7.” As one might imagine, Kurt sounds alternately world-destroying and already dead.

On November 3, the Reading Festival set is getting a CD and DVD release. Better yet, you can catch Nirvana Live at Reading the night before on Fuse TV in its entirety at 11 P.M. EST, preceded by an hour of Nirvana videos and retrospective.

If you can’t wait until then, feast your grunge-loving eyes on a clip from the Reading set below, where the band burns through an intense version of Bleach‘s “School.”

WATCH: Nirvana, “School”