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WATCH: Flaming Lips Play New Song on ‘Colbert Report’


Wayne Coyne and Co. left the balloons, UFOs, genital videos, and confetti behind for a prop-less yet excellent performance on Colbert Report Wednesday night, where they unveiled the dark, psychedelic track “Convinced of the Hex,” from their upcoming double-album Embryonic (out October 13). Watch video below!

As an added bonus for those who can’t wait for the album’s release, the Flaming Lips will be streaming Embryonic in its entirety on Colbert’s website this week. Listen here — look for the player in the top-left of the homepage.

Check out the video of “Convinced of the Hex” below, then watch Coyne chatting with Colbert, who seems a little confused by the band’s “weird” sound. “I don’t trust you,” Colbert tells Coyne. “With your lyrics and your music you’re leading me to a far field or distant forest and you know all the secret paths and you’re trying to trap me there. It sounds like you’re trying to expand my mind!”

WATCH: Flaming Lips, “Convinced of the Hex”

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