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Fashion Tips from Paramore’s Hayley Williams


It’s back to school time, rock’n’roll fans!

If you’re a girl — or a particularly forward-thinking guy, and I applaud you for that — then Hayley Williams is here to help. Just in time for fall classes, the fashion-forward Paramore lead singer — whose band’s new album, brand new eyes, drops September 29 — wrote a lengthy post on her Live Journal about her fave clothes.

Below, we’ve listed the six labels mentioned by Williams and excerpted some of her comments about them.

1. Dogpile: “Dogpile makes the red plaid pants that I’ve been wearing, the oriental/floral dress that you’ll see in an upcoming shoot we did for Kerrang, along with the army green semi-bondage style vest that I wore in ‘Ignorance.’

2. Babygirl Boutique: “Three or four years ago, you wouldn’t have caught me DEAD wearing this style of clothing… but my love for Lucille Ball and my yearning to be a voluptuous pin-up (okay, not really) has really turned me on to these styles. Not to mention, I can wear all my dumb little t-shirts with most of those A-line pattern skirts.”

3. EC Star: “I love all the old EC STAR stuff. They have a lot of classic looking styles. And you might’ve seen me wearing most of their t-shirts and hoodies over the past year or so.”

4. Dainty June: “This line is a lot more practical for hanging out… maybe… SKIPPING COLLEGE CLASSES! whatever.”

5. All-Mighty Clothing: “The first badass line that I ever wore for free… All-Mighty Clothing!!! The ladies behind this line are also behind Dainty June. I have recently worn a couple of their printed tees in some random interviews.”

6. Walmart’s Miley Cyrus & Max Azria: “Don’t forget about Miley’s clothing line in Walmart. Dead. Serious. Good quality tees and tanks… and if you’re brave enough, there are some more daring items in the line.”