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DOWNLOAD: Sufjan Stevens’ Ode to NYC’s Highway


What’s the ideal soundtrack for the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, six lanes of honking cars, running east and west through New York City’s busiest boroughs? Just ask Sufjan Stevens.

The Detroit-bred singer/songwriter, who now lives in Brooklyn, just released “Movement VI: Isorhythmic Night Dance with Interchanges,” the first track from The BQE, his arty film about the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway that was commissioned by the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Download the song below.

The instrumental track sounds majestic and symphonic like much of Stevens’ other work, including his stand-out 2005 record Illinoise, and will be released in conjunction with the film Oct. 20 via Asthmatic Kitty Records. However, as New York residents, we’re a bit curious where Stevens hears the fluttering flutes and jazz horns in endless, congested traffic. Hey, the guy drives down a lane all his own.

LISTEN: Sufjan Stevens, “Movement VI: Isorhythmic Night Dance with Interchanges”(DOWNLOAD MP3)