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Avril Lavigne’s Crotch, Billy Corgan’s New Religion


Here’s some of the strangest music news to hit the Internet this week:

Nick Cave describes Avril Lavigne‘s, ahem, crotch area in his new book. Hey, Nick, as luck would have it she’s newly single! [Scotland On Sunday]

Courtney Love tweets something about how women’s “sphincters have cameras,” thus reminding us that she’s definitely not a doctor. [Village Voice]

This coloring book has you filling in Devendra Banhart‘s and MGMT‘s psychedelic playground. LSD not included. [YellowBirdProject]

Smashing Pumpkins fans are devoted, yes, but now they can study at the church of Billy Corgan thanks to the rocker’s spiritual new website. [Everything From Here to There]

Help this loony musician raise funds to pay Gary Coleman to appear on his new record. Um, Whatchu talkin’ bout? [Point]

Ben Folds and novelist Nick Hornby release a song from their new collaboration called “F**king Redneck.” The subject of the tune: Levi Johnston, the Alaskan OcyContin user who knocked up Sarah Palin‘s teenage daughter. [DailySwarm]

This photo of a flock of birds inspired a symphony! Birds: 1. House cat: Zilch. [Vimeo]

Rap stars get The Simpsons cartoon treatment… and Kanye West steals the microphone from Bart, proclaims Milhouse a superior fictional character. [Format]

Web nerds post an 8-bit cover of Dillinger Escape Plan‘s “Calculating Infiniti.” Nintendo-aficionados-cum-punk-fans rock out. [Metal Injection]