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Watch: Paramore Premiere “Ignorance” Video!


If you thought Paramore’s new single “Ignorance” was angry, just watch the song’s newly-released music video — it’s a dark clip mirroring what frontwoman Hayley Williams told that the scathing track was all about: “Feeling judged, singled out, and betrayed” by your bandmates. Watch below.

In the just-under-four-minute clip, the Franklin, TN, band ditch their past image — angular haircuts, brightly colored threads — for a more sinister look, donning all-black get-ups and cramming themselves into an small, pitch-black room to rock out. The only light comes from the 20-year-old Williams, who spins and jerks her body in a conniption fit while hanging from an illuminated light bulb that dangles from the ceiling.

The video reflects the group’s emotional road to their new album, brand new eyes (out Sept. 29). As previously reported, the band nearly split last year after frustrations from nonstop touring and creative infighting eroded their friendships. Instead, the band sat down and worked out the emotional kinks and recorded brand new eyes, a more mature effort — even for these recent high schoolers.

Watch Paramore’s “Ignorance” music video below. And to get an idea of what five other brand new eyes songs sound like, click here for our sneak preview.

WATCH: Paramore, “Ignorance” music video