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Watch: No Doubt’s Young Jams Backstage

Click here to see exclusive video of a Stomp-style jam featuring the Street Drum Corps.

Remember when you were a kid how cool it sounded to run a stick along a fence?Remember the satisfying crash of whacking a dumpster or trash can (metal, of course) just for the hell of it?California’s Street Drum Corps certainly do, and they recently got together with No Doubt drummer Adrian Young to remind us all of the innocent pleasures of hitting stuff.

This exclusive video comes from the parking lot behind L.A.’s Gibson Amphitheatre before a recent stop on No Doubt’s massive tour.Before Young manned his conventional drum kit in front of thousands of fans, he teamed with SDC to gather oil drums, metal piping, and other backstage junk for an impromptu percussion jam.He joined the Corps — yes, they make a living doing this — for a few minutes of rhythmic pounding.

The results sound incredible, showing why the Corps have been invited to play with Good Charlotte, Linkin Park, and more. Check out the video below!