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WATCH: L.A. Punks the Bronx Go Mariachi

In their new clip for "Cell Mates," these six rockers literally light up the stage of a Mexican bar!

Last month we introduced Mariachi El Bronx, the new south-of-the-border alter-ego of Los Angeles group the Bronx. A hardcore punk band doing straight-up mariachi music — has April Fool’s Day come early?

It hasn’t, and this group is no joke. The band’s new sepia-hued video for “Cell Mates” shows them at their Mexicana finest, resplendent in light-adorned matador suits as they perform in La Cita, a small L.A. bar. Meanwhile, two patrons play dominoes, a guy attempts to coax a rooster to do god-knows-what, and these six rockers prove they have what it takes to bring the cultural music of their hometown to punk fans.

Though this new sound transcends novelty, the band’s sense of humor remains. “We have a rooster in the video,” guitarist Joby Ford tells “Man, we love music videos. And cocks.” For more, shall we say, informative commentary, check out this making-of video.

“Cell Mates” kicks off their full-length El Bronx.Pick it up today with a bottle of the band’s “Barrio Sweat” cologne.And if they approach your table at your favorite taqueria, tip them generously and please, don’t request “La Cucaracha.”

Until then, check out the video below!

WATCH: Mariachi el Bronx, “Cell Mates”