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Listen: New Radiohead Song


Just last week Radiohead pleasantly surprised us with a brand new song. And now, it seems, the Oxford brainiacs have done it again.

This morning on the band’s fan site ateaseweb, a mysterious, never-before-heard song surfaced with the title “These Are My Twisted Words.” While no official confirmation has arrived just yet, the song certainly sounds like a new Radiohead track. And the whizzes at ateaseweb pulled a cryptic message from the original MP3 file — which reads like some of Thom Yorke’s blog ramblings on Here are a few lines [via Stereogum]:

iiii i just wanted to reassure readers iiii
iiii that following representations iiii
iiii seeking confirmation iiii
iiii that before your very eyes iiii
iiii behind the wall of ice iiii
iiii that the box is not under threat iiii
iiii however they are set to remove iiii
iiii other boxes iiii
iiii in fact i have the list in front of me iiii
iiii i went to a briefing on their plans iiii
iiii and challenged them to tell me iiii
iiiii exactly what the cost would be iiiiiii
iiiiii iiiiiiii
iiiiiii they spoke in broad terms iiiiiiiiii

The single arrives just a week after Yorke told The Believer that Radiohead might not ever make another album — and the sneaky release of a random MP3 certainly feels in line with that statement.

The song sounds characteristically Radiohead. Haunting, Jonny Greenwood-esque guitar lines meet with skittering drum beats and, of course, Yorke’s irreplicable, high-pitched wail. However, it does recall the gloomy and arty prog rock feel of In Rainbows and Hail to the Thief. Listen below and decide for yourself.

LISTEN: “These Are My Twisted Words”