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Watch: Gnarls, Fall Out Boy, Panic Members In Coke Ad


Question: Why did the zebra lead the children into an abandoned alley?

Answer: To show them a musical fantasy world where Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump flies a fish helicopter, Gym Class Heroes’ Travis McCoy dances with robots, Panic at the Disco’s Brendan Urie reports the news, and up-and-comer Janelle Monae teaches an elementary school how to shake it.

Oh, and the zebra?He turns into Gnarls Barkley’s Cee-Lo Green and proceeds to sing!

Such is the magic at work in “Open Happiness,” a new music video that’s equal parts Willy Wonka, Teletubbies, and a bad acid trip. The song was written by Green and producer Butch Walker. Coca-Cola sponsored the infectiously cheery collaboration and the company is making it the center of a marketing blitz.

“Our new campaign is all about inviting people to share a little happiness and enjoy life’s simple pleasures,” Coke marketing manager Umut Ozaydinli said when the track first dropped. “We believe that, through the use of music, we are able to enhance this message and help people to connect and have fun with the campaign.”

For their part, the musicians apparently relished the chance to dress up, act silly, and attach their music to a classic brand just as the White Stripes did two years ago.

“I guess what was interesting about the idea at first was Coca-Cola’s interest in me — that was appealing,” said Green.”Music’s marketplace can be very fickle and unforgiving and if you want longevity and you want legend, who better to ask advice from than Coca-Cola?”

WATCH: “Open Happiness”