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Listen: Paramore’s Angry New Song


Recently, Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams told us about the Tennessee band’s September release, and how one of its best songs, “Ignorance,” is about feeling “judged, singled out, and betrayed”by her bandmates. What does all this angst sound like in song? Listen to “Ignorance” below — right now!

In just over three taut minutes, Williams unleashes a hyper-personal diatribe aimed at narrow-minded friends. “Ignorance is your new best friend / You treat me just like a stranger / I guess I’ll be on my way out,” she screams in a voice far larger than her petite, 5’2″ figure. Sonically, the song’s a dark, Evanescence-like whirlwind with crunchy power chords, a sinister breakdown with clattering drum rolls, and Williams’ all-out howl.

“Ignorance,” the lead single off Paramore’s upcoming album, brand new eyes (out September 29), is available to purchase online tomorrow.

LISTEN: Paramore, “Ignorance”