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Free Download: Violent Femmes Singer’s New Song

Gordon Gano returns after seven-year break with a new album and band -- and he's still awesome!

It’s been nearly 30 years since folk-punk icons the Violent Femmes released their landmark self-titled debut, but nasal-voiced frontman Gordon Gano certainly hasn’t lost his touch.

On September 15, the singer and guitarist will release his first album in seven years, Under the Sun, with a new band, Gordon Gano & the Ryans — and judging by the first single, “Man in the Sand,” available for free download below, it’s going to rock!

Gordon Gano & the Ryans is a collaboration between Gano and Brendan & Billy Ryan, former members of ’90s indie rock band the Bogmen and current film composers (Fever Pitch, The Heartbreak Kid). Under the Sun, which was recorded primarily at the Carriage House in Stamford, CT, also features Frank Ferrer of Guns N’ Roses on drums and Lonnie Hillyer of Maggie’s Dream on bass.

A far cry from the whiplash anarchy of classic Violent Femmes songs “Add it Up” and “Blister in the Sun,” “Man in the Sand” is a warm, catchy piece of indie-pop, perfect for the beachside activities Gano sings about: walking in the sand, sitting beneath the bright, clear sky, and strolling “that old boardwalk.” Check it out below!

LISTEN: Gordon Gano and the Ryans, “Man In The Sand”(DOWNLOAD MP3)