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Willie Isz, ‘Georgiavania’ (Lex)

Think of Willie Isz as Gnarls Barkley’s fucked-up little cousin. In fact, it’s the handiwork of Philly-based producer-vocalist Jneiro Jarel and Cee-Lo’s Goodie Mob mate Khujo. Their debut shares Gnarls’ yen for psychedelic weirdness and uncharacteristic (for hip-hop) emotional vulnerability, but with beats that are swampy, murky, and — when thumping below moaning guitars and spacey organ melodies — wholly disorienting. Pop hooks are fairly nonexistent, though hazy bangers like “Gawn Jet” and “The Grussle,” the latter of which sounds like the Chieftains gone crunk, are not without their intoxicating charm.