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Watch: Taylor Swift Raps with T-Pain!?!


Do you ever feel like all of the action happens at the awards shows you don’t watch?

For those who missed Tuesday night’s airing of the CMT Music Awards, Taylor Swift joined forces with T-Pain for a spoof rap video titled “Thug Story.”

Performing as T-Swizzle and flanked by T-Pain (that’s “T-Pizzle” to CMT viewers), Swift kicked things off by addressing the unexpected nature of her alter-ego: “You shorties probably never thought I dreamed about rapping hardcore.” She then posed next to her mom and insisted, “I live with my parents but I’m still a thug.” Hilarious.

The country starlet then tore a page from SNL‘s “it’s funny when you pretend that innocuous things are hardcore” handbook: “You can find me baking cookies at night / You out clubbin’? / Well I just made caramel delight!”

Nice. But T-Swizzle really brought it home when she warned haters, “You don’t want to fight me in my extra-small white tee,” before big-upping, “What what! I knit sweaters, yo.”

It’s surprising that one got past the censors. And we thought Bret Michaels’s debacle at the Tony Awards was the most violent award show moment in recent history.

WATCH: Taylor Swift and T-Pain, “Thug Story”