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Sunset Rubdown, ‘Dragonslayer’ (Jagjaguwar)

Wolf Parade’s songwriters keep busy in the off-season — Dan Boeckner sexes it up with wife Alexei Perry in Handsome Furs, and Spencer Krug helms Sunset Rubdown, whose third full-length is slightly looser and more pleasantly rickety than Wolf Parade, but definitely close to the den. That means more grandiose wordplay and bent indie rock from one of the genre’s finest voices. Video game rhythms power the incredible “You Go On Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II),” while “Nightingale/December Song” gets future-folky, and a skittish new-wave lean drives the Interpol-ish “Idiot Heart.” Krug clearly takes Sunset Rubdown every bit as seriously as his day job.

LISTEN: Sunset Rubdown, “Idiot Heart”(DOWNLOAD MP3)