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Octodrive Contest Winner Revealed!


1,487 Blink-182 and Fall Out Boy fans entered our trivia contest for a chance to win their very own limited-edition Octodrive, a stainless steel USB hard drive packed with exclusive audio and video content. Although 1,056 entrants answered all seven trivia questions correctly, there can be only one winner.

And the winner is…
…Erin Black of Cary, NC!

We caught up with Erin over Skype — she’s a college student studying abroad in the U.K. — and asked her how she approached our challenge. “I knew most of the Fall Out Boy answers already, and I used Wikipedia, Google, and the Twitter hints to figure out the rest,” she said. “[The bands] work so hard to do special things for the fans, and it’s always really exciting to participate on our side. Their enthusiasm is contagious, our enthusiasm is contagious — it sort of spirals out of control.”

To the rest of you who answered the questions correctly, thanks for playing!

As we say goodbye to our Octodrive, here’s a look back at some of the funniest wrong answers from our contest. Our favorite entry had the same reply to every single question: “Give me the thang!” Check ’em out below, and thanks for the laughs, guys!

Our Question: What was the first song that Blink’s Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus ever wrote, back in Mark’s garage?
The Real Answer: “Carousel”
Our Favorite Wrong Answer: “A ditty called ‘Every Breath You Take’ which was stolen by The Police years later”

Our Question: What Blink-182 song has an unreleased underwater video?
The Real Answer: “Josie”
Our Favorite Wrong Answer: “Their yet-to-be-released song ‘We Filmed the Video for This Song Underwater'”

Our Question: What is Mark’s nickname for his newest bass, with the octopus design on it?
The Real Answer: “Like a Boss”
Our Favorite Wrong Answer: “Mark Hoctapus”

Our Question: There are two other band names that Fall Out Boy (obviously) didn’t choose. Name one.
The Real Answer: Short Story Unhappy Ending, Forget Me Knot
Our Favorite Wrong Answer: “Pete Wentz’s man addiction”

Our Question: What Fall Out Boy album is the only one on which Andy Hurley didn’t play?
The Real Answer: Fall Out Boy’s Evening Out with Your Girlfriend
Our Favorite Wrong Answer: “Give me the thang or else I’ll eat your children” (We couldn’t resist!)