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New Song: Regina Spektor Barks Like a Dolphin!


Attention fans of dolphin impersonations and Regina Spektor: the songstress has just released a brand new tune, “Folding Chair,” and it finds Spektor channeling her inner Flipper in song!

As you may recall, recently caught up with the quirky songstress to chat about her new album Far (out June 23). She opened up about how much she loves making noises: “I could have just sampled a dolphin,” the singer explained about recording “Folding Chair,” “but barking is so much more fun to do.”

The plucky pop tune (complete with underwater improvisation) is available below.

And, not to be picky here, but you might say Spektor’s impersonation sounds more like an otter. Anyone? Weigh in with your marine animal opinion in the comments section below.

LISTEN: Regina Spektor, “Folding Chair”

BONUS: Spektor’s also just released two videos for songs off the forthcoming Far. Check out clips for “Eet” and “Laughing With” right here:


“Laughing With”