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Hot New Download: Cass McCombs


Born in Concord, CA, moody singer-songwriter Cass McCombs moved to New York City in his early ’20s and hasn’t stopped traveling since. He’s spent time in Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and England. Now, 32, McCombs still hasn’t settled down — and the songs on his new album, Catacombs (out July 7), are a reflection of this roaming, free-spirited American ideal.

With influences ranging from New York City’s Velvet Underground to the traditional folk and country music of the American heartland, Catacombs is as much a traveler as McCombs himself — an album that moves across genres and eras to create a unique blend of sounds.

“Dreams Come True Girl” is Catacombs‘ first single and best song — a folk ballad with a surf-y, ’60s pop feel to it. “You’re not my dream girl/ You’re not my reality girl/ You’re my dreams come true girl,” McCombs sings, while Academy Award-nominated actress Karen Black (of Five Easy Pieces and Nashville) lends her aching vocals in the background. It’s a nontraditional love song from an idiosyncratic singer-songwriter — dreamy and romantic but far from saccharine, with the same world-weariness that resonates through the rest of Catacombs.

Download “Dreams Comes True Girl” below. Then let us know what you think of McCombs’ lovelorn crooning in the comments section!

LISTEN: Cass McCombs, “Dreams Come True Girl”(DOWNLOAD MP3)