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Green Day’s Keyboard Cat, Jonas Bros. Channel Beyonce


Now that YouTube sensation the Keyboard Cat has used up all nine of its lives, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong is filling in for the furry feline! [Huffington Post]

Prepare to be creeped out: Joe Jonas, singer of the Jonas Brothers, dons a skin-tight cat suit and dances like Beyonce in her “Single Ladies” music video. Ewww… [Perez]

Weezer is teaming up with Snuggie to create the “Wuggie,” a blanket with sleeves that features the Weezer logo. If you want to destroy it, you know what to do.[Weezer Snuggie]

Mick Jagger’s dreams of becoming an ice cream truck driver have, sadly, been crushed. Hey, this guy might need a hand! [The Sun].

Bret Michaels takes a break from pursuing love with former hookers and current gold-diggers to perform at… the Tonys? [Variety]

James Mercer of the Shins dreams of fighting giant apes and looking like a “B actor from a jungle movie.” [Mim and Honey]

Anti-fur activist Pink doesn’t want to hurt any animals, but she wouldn’t mind wearing a coat of Kanye West’s skin. [The Insider]